AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

Student 1, Drawing: Selected Works (Quality)

Score (on a 6-point scale)


Rationale for Score

In this section:

  • The work demonstrates excellent understanding of drawing through advanced visual concepts, resolved composition, and excellent execution.
  • The work exhibits well-informed decisions about the use of appropriated materials, composition, and drawing with mixed media.
  • All works show successful engagement with experimentation and/or risk taking to create complex narrative compositions.
  • The work as a whole is confident and evocative; it engages the viewer with visual qualities including verve and nuance. For example, the drawing of the child underwater expresses verve in both the overall mark making and the collage of bubbles that spill over the frame.
  • The technical competence of the work is consistently excellent; drawing materials and media are used effectively to express ideas.
  • Appropriation of material from magazines is transformed in the service of a larger, personal vision.

Portfolio Images

Image - 13 x 14 acrylic, collage, marker
Image - 18 x 13 Acrylic, gouache, charcoal
Image - 18 x 22 acrylic, collage, charcoal
Image - 13 x 20 acrylic, collage
Image - 13 x 20 Acrylic, water color, charcoal and collage