AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2015 Student 4, 3-D Design: Concentration

Concentration Statement

This body of work represents my voyage through school with dyslexia using sgraffito on variations of altered wheel thrown pottery. These markings tell a story of everyday life, as the early civilizations did. Wire is implemented in each piece to show the influence of either myself or others to help, support, or harm the subject. Pieces imitate my experiences through different grade levels and stages presenting dread and what I once thought to be inevitable failure.

The mind of a dyslexic processes information differently. What others may see as a whole, I may only be capable of seeing in pieces. Wire, similar to my understanding of the English language- bends to a point where it becomes misshapen, and under enough heat and pressure the gleaming luster fades and it becomes brittle and unsavory. The wear and character of rust shows the beauty of decay and what can be created from it. Each piece progresses though stages and represents pivotal moments throughout my scholastic career. Piece 1 is simple with a basic form and concept, but as the progression continues so does the growth of the individual vessel. The hectic nonsense of lettering found in images 2,3 and 4 delineates the tedious attempts to engage everyday literature through the eyes of a dyslexic. With handmade defenses of chainmail and barbs embedded in images 6 and 7 exhibits the fear that dwells within the form. The additional vessels chained to the collapsing structure in image8 represent those who emotionally dragged me down due to their inability to understand. Drawn to this cage that I have created around myself, it has become my crutch and my shield. image 10 represents the understanding that that this distortion, this misunderstanding, is what has granted me the power to create and succeed in the manner you see before you.

Score (on a 6-point scale)


Rationale for Score

In this concentration, the student has created an evocative series of works unified by innovative use of materials in the service of a sophisticated concept.

The work demonstrates:

• That the topic and the work are unmistakably related. The theme is coherently integrated with a metaphorical concept that ties the material of clay and wire to the student’s unique personal challenge of dyslexia.

• Informed decision making and discovery. This is evident in the combinations of materials, and in the ways that the materials are used in complex compositions and combinations.

• An original vision and innovative ideas. The student manages to express a complex psychological phenomenon using ceramic materials, sgraffito marks, and wire. The innovative thinking is evident in how the materials are combined symbolically to communicate personal experiences.

• Thorough understanding and effective application of 3D design principles. The level of the investigation is quite sophisticated as is evident in the way simple materials are connected to create complex forms and engage 3 dimensional space.

• An evocative theme. The theme of how language can become distorted is sustained throughout each of the pieces.

• Successful transformation and growth. The work is at a consistently high quality but also shows experimentation and growth as the formal themes are developed and expanded upon. For example the forms in image 8 are further developed in image 10. These pieces show exceptional awareness of how 3D design principles might be applied.

• Excellent technical competence. This student uses ceramic techniques with a strong sculptural sense to create work that goes beyond technical competence in the service of an idea. The student uses construction and destruction to create sculptural tension in the eyes of the viewer, which reflects the student’s life experiences.

• Varying levels of accomplishment. Overall the work is at an excellent level.