AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2015 Student 4, 2-D Design: Concentration

Concentration Statement

The central idea of my concentration is beauty and fashion through each decade ranging from 1980-2000. I was inspired to do the evolution of fashion over these 12 pieces for many reasons. I find it interesting how colour and shape constantly evolve, creating different trends and silhouettes. These trends create defining moments in history and give a glimpse into the past. Fashion also gives individuals the opportunity to creatively express their cultures and life styles through what they wear.

I use form, shape, space, unity and perspective to emphasize my concentration. The form I use in images 13-18 displays the body type of what was considered beautiful during the early 1900’s. The body type of the woman in image 17 is significantly thicker than that of image 22. It is evident from images 19-24 the women become slimmer as the definition of beauty evolves, influencing the progression of my form. As my concentration continues more people appear in each image, portraying how the fashion world is influenced by the masses of individuality, effecting how I used space and perspective. My use of color also evolves according to each decade starting with muted colours, then into bright shades at the end. I created unity in my concentration by using the same color/shade multiple times throughout the 12 images. I consistently used an abstract flat form with my figures and faces. I focused on the polished and classy looks of each decade, with influence from Vogue covers and looks. I did this because it gives a consistent visual of what a young, styled woman would look like carried through time. I cut the head off many pieces (13,14,17,21,22,23) and with the faces made the eyes look almost dead (15,16,18,19,20,23,24) to enable to viewer to picture them self as an individual in the images, carrying themselves through a time warp of fashion.

Score (on a 6-point scale)


Rationale for Score

In this concentration, the student has created a series paintings based on an investigation of fashion and beauty. Color and shape are used throughout the concentration as unifying components.

The work demonstrates:

• Clear decision making and discovery: The student has selected and translated historical fashion trends into a visual series involving design decisions.

• Originality and innovative thinking: Some evidence of innovation is evident in the way the student has carefully cropped and composed the images to capture the hallmark of an era (images 21-24).

• A clear theme: The manipulation of space within each format is evident. The images as a whole are unified through good application of design principles. However some images are repetitive particularly in the treatment of stylized eyes (images 15, 18, 19, 20).

• Growth and transformation: Work is well sequenced to show growth and development. This is apparent in the last row of images where the use of design principles is more sophisticated.

• Technical competence: Use of acrylic paint to achieve flat color fields complements the theme of this student’s sustained investigation.

• Even though photographic reference from research was used, the student’s vision is clearly discernible. The images have been manipulated to express the student’s individual ideas.