AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2015 Student 3, Drawing: Concentration

Concentration Statement

Built on the idea of long distance relationships, my body of work is a representation of self, borrowed from life experience. Each piece capitalizes on the aspects found in long distance such as trust, difficulty in communication, and the changes brought about by separation. Within each piece lies heavy attention to minutia via line, text and transparency, and continues to illustrate the values of attention to the small details within a person and in ones self.

My body of work is a representation of the effect that distance and time have on my relationships, and how people stay connected despite the miles and hours that keep them apart. By utilizing the drawing concepts of space, mark making, figure ground, and surface, I was able to fabricate evocative collages that challenge the viewer to make their own connections, and to further call to question what a drawing can be. In each piece I utilized text as my dominant mark. All of the text is taken from letters I have written, or have received and is a very meaningful part of my process in terms of surface as well as personal connection. In each piece I capitalized on a different aspect of distance; in piece one I emphasized lack of communication, piece two homesickness, pieces three and four feelings of disconnection and realization of complications created by separation, and so on. The turning point in my concentration occurred in piece five when I began to push and explore drawing concepts and feel more comfortable with my drawing style. This growth challenged me to more purposefully implement space, particularly by the use of orthogonals, horizon lines, negative space, size, and opacity of color.

Score (on a 6-point scale)


Rationale for Score

This highly successful series of mixed media pieces based on a personal narrative of correspondences is unmistakably engaging.

The work demonstrates:

• Informed decision making and discovery: Decisions to limit process, materials, and theme have opened opportunities for this student’s progress and discovery.
• Innovative ideas and original vision: In using surfaces and materials that have their own inherent qualities and sometimes unpredictable directions, the student appears to have maximized unexpected results. In addition, resulting combinations have been most successfully extended.
• An evocative and engaging theme: The layering process together with the use of transparencies and subtle use of text allow a high level of visual play to dominate each piece. This complements the correspondence theme.
• Successful transformation and growth: This series begins at a high level and excellence is sustained throughout. The growth and transformation involves the viewer as we feel the tension of separation, the need to communicate, and then anticipate what is next in the series.
• Technical Excellence: With the rather simple materials that are used, a superb combination of found surfaces, multiple layers of transparencies, and mark-making skills is evident in this sophisticated investigation.
• Transformed visual references: Although some use of found images is apparent, the student has transformed and nuanced these materials by using-mark making techniques.
• Personal vision: A genuine personal vision based on heartfelt life experience is the strength of each piece.