AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2015 Student 3, 2-D Design: Concentration

Concentration Statement

I have put together these Images with the intention to spark curiosity, awe, and personal creativity from the viewer. These images should inspire the story instead of telling it. I have done this by giving only showing the climax or denouement of the story and leaving all rising action to the imagination. The situations portrayed in my work are meant to be bizarre if not impossible. To create allot of these I work with compositing my own original photographs into these ‘big picture’ pieces.

When People look at these the usually start to ask questions to themselves such as, “what’s going on?”, “how did he get there?”, “why did that happen?”, etc. From there one can start to evaluate the photos for themselves, Some people will create a story around them to explain how they got to that point. For example in the Image of the girl in the red dress sitting in a field of broken chairs someone I’ve heard things a simple as “a violent game of musical chairs with only one survivor” to more personal explanations like, “She had searched for a significant other and had her heart broken too many times (as represented by all of the broken seats) and she eventually decided to stop searching for someone to sit next to and realized she is the only four legs she needs”. I even do this to myself with my images; I started to make the image of the man in the inverted reality pool with the simple intentions of its impossibly situation but the more time I spent with it, editing, compositing, I started to channel into the tone of the image that I was, almost accidentally, creating. I started to feel a sense of erie claustrophobia and stress. I associated these feelings with similar feelings toward the school system grading system, and habit forming that had been itching my mind at that point in time.

Score (on a 6-point scale)


Rationale for Score

In this concentration, the student has created a series of visual narratives that spark both curiosity and viewer engagement. Staging, lighting, and digital techniques have been seamlessly combined at the service of a compelling and sophisticated personal vision.

The work demonstrates:

• Informed decision making and discovery: Dramatic lighting, use of proportion, and controlled color elicit a variety of viewer responses and interpretations. Furthermore, the student values the range of viewer reactions and responses as they complete the narratives on their own terms.

• Innovative ideas and original vision: The student has created end points of narratives inviting the viewer to construct the rest of the story.

• An evocative and engaging theme: The theme of mystery pervades the images. Dramatic juxtaposition, curious scale changes, and superbly controlled staging contribute to the theme of surprise.

• 2D principles: The student applies the principles of unity, light, proportion/scale, figure ground relationships, theme, and variation to successfully enhance the visual drama and mood.

• Sense of transformation and growth: Although this concentration starts at a very strong level, transformation and growth can be seen in images that have increasing levels of complexity and ambiguity (images 11 and 12).

• The work is technically excellent, combining original photography and digital juxtaposition of images to create evocative and engaging images that clearly reflect the unique artistic vision and intent of the student.