AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2015 Student 3, 2-D Design: Breadth

Score (on a 6-point scale)


Rationale for Score

• An excellent application of 2-D Design principles to a broad range of design problems. Successful use of repetition, pattern, and variation are evident as the student pursues a wide range of design solutions.

• An original vision. Risk taking is evident as this student shows a willingness to cut into, overlay, collage, and layer to purposefully extend images while sensitively attending to both elements and principles.

• A broad range of intentions and approaches. This student has pursued a wide range of design problems with a variety of materials and techniques. Successful solutions to a broad range of problems have resulted in superbly resolved images.

• Confidence. A variety of mixed media processes together with experimental techniques gives the feeling that the student is confident with experimental approaches. It seems that the student has engaged with problems long enough to be able to push ideas and select the most evocative solutions for this presentation.

• Technical excellence. Technicalability, while strong in working with a single process/material (image 11 and image 12), is further enhanced by the mixed media combinations. Furthermore exceptional technical skills are suitably matched to effectively express ideas.

• Student Vision. While some acquired product images are evident these are transformed to support student’s personal vision, which remains at the heart of each piece.

• Although the work may show a varying level of accomplishment, overall it is at an excellent level.

Portfolio Images

Image - 19
Image - 6.7
Image - 14
Image - 33
Image - 19.5
Image - 17
Image - 21.5
Image - 19.5
Image - 23
Image - 26
Image - 31
Image - 17