AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2015 Student 2, Drawing: Concentration

Concentration Statement

My concentration involves the idea between human and nature interaction. This idea has evolved over time and shows the contrast between the beautiful trees and the red cloth that is often seen draped over the beauty. Within my concentration there I also use gears which are man made. I wanted to show that not only are trees being taken up by humans, they are also being used in various ways for our everyday lives.

Over the course of two years I started to develop this concentration. I wanted to recognize that the earth is slowly deteriorating for our benefit, as human beings. At first, this started out as creating the beauty between nature and animal as seen in slide one. But I wanted to expand this idea. In slide 5 I wanted to represent the red cloth as becoming one with nature. But as I started to experiment more with my craftsmanship, I added gears to my concentration. In slide 8 I wanted to zoom in on how man made objects can be molded together with trees to form one major picture. Also in slide 9 I mixed the red cloth with gears to show how these two objects will take over the tree. In slide 10, I have a tree that is wrapped with a lot of red cloth. The reason that I chose to make the cloth look heavy, and covering the majority of the tree was to show that over time, we are covering trees more and more by our views of beauty. We are slowly destroying the world by cutting down trees and suffocating it. The cloth is still seen as beautiful, with the vibrant red color, but will always be in the presence of nature.

AP Portfolio Score:


Rationale for Score

In this concentration, the student has created a series of works wrapping trees to symbolize humans “suffocating” nature.

In this concentration section:

  • The concentration topic and the work presented are closely related. The work presents trees embellished with manufactured objects, cloth, and gears.
  • The concentration demonstrates some originality and some innovative thinking in that the student is using gears and cloth to symbolize the destruction of nature.
  • Some transformation is noticeable (images 9 and 10) and some growth is evident (images 11 and 12), but some of the work is repetitive (images 4 and 9; images 5 and 7; images 2 and 8).
  • Although the works show a varying range of accomplishments, overall the work is at a good level.