AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2015 Student 1, Drawing: Quality

AP Portfolio Score:


Rationale for Score

This work demonstrates an excellent understanding of and engagement with drawing issues.

In this quality section:

  • The work demonstrates excellent understanding of drawing through advanced visual concepts, resolved composition, and excellent execution.
  • The work exhibits well-informed decisions about the arrangement and rendering of objects, birds, and figures intentionally chosen for symbolic meaning.
  • The work shows successful engagement with experimentation and/or risk taking, drawing with thread to create a narrative.
  • All the work is confident and evocative; it engages the viewer with visual qualities and nuance.
  • The student clearly demonstrates an understanding and application of drawing and design issues.
  • The purposeful contrast of empty negative space with use of red thread and the skillfully rendered forms invites the viewer to focus on the delicacy of the drawings.
  • The technical competence of the work is consistently excellent; drawing materials and media are used effectively to express ideas. Drawing with thread, paint, and markers demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the expressive qualities of the media and of analog drawing issues in service of a larger personal vision.

Portfolio Images

Image - 18 x 22 Watercolor, Ink, and Thread on Paper
Image - 18 x 21 Watercolor, Thread, and Ink on Paper
Image - 18 x 24 Watercolor, Ink, and Thread on Paper
Image - 15 x 20 Watercolor, Silver Leaf, and Thread on Paper
Image - 20 x 18 Watercolor, Metallic Leaf, and Thread on Paper