AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2015 Student 1, 2-D Design: Quality

AP Portfolio Score:


Rationale for Score

This work displays a highly successful use of the elements of design and application of 2-D design principles.

In this quality section:

  • All the work exhibits excellent, well-informed decision making and intention in conceptualization, process, and the application of 2-D principles.
  • The composition of the works is consistently original, imaginative, and inventive.
  • The work shows successful engagement with experimentation and/or risk taking in all pieces.
  • The work as a whole is confident and evocative; it engages the viewer with visual qualities such asexpressive verve or nuanced subtlety.
  • The technical competence of the work is excellent; materials and media are used effectively toexpress ideas.

Portfolio Images

Image - 11 x 17 Photograph, Drawing, Digital Manipulation
Image - 0 x 0 Performance
Image - 18 x 24 Handmade Tea Bags
Image - 17 x 24 Photograph
Image - 11 x 17 B&W Photograph