AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2014 Student 2, Drawing: Concentration

Concentration Statement

If all the art I created as a child was symbolized in one object, it would be scissors. Most, if not all the art I made years ago I created by cutting paper into various shapes. I realize now that scissors marked the beginning of my gratifying and enduring experience with art. Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Today, I endeavor to remain an artist despite how I have “grown up” and experiment once again with scissors.

Every artwork contains scissors in one way or another. First, in image 13 and image 14 I depicted a standard set of classroom scissors in a larger-than-life way and in image 15 created unity between multiple pairs of scissors using one continuous shape- earbuds. I expanded the idea of positioning multiple scissors in one artwork in image 16 and image 17 as well as added an element of scale and overlapping. The 6th piece (image 18) is a Leonardo da Vinci parody; the words above the scissors form the quote by Pablo Picasso- the theme of my concentration; I wrote it backwards in the true da Vinci style. I chose to create this particular parody because of my childhood interest with the work of da Vinci. In image 19 and image 20, I stretch beyond the scope of drawing the standard form of scissors, and depict the popular childhood game called “rock, paper, scissors.” Image 21 portrays a pair of scissors commonly used for cooking purposes. In image 22, I experimented with a technique I loved as a child which involves laying down tape at various stages in painting and then removing all the tape to reveal many different colors and patterns. I was inspired to create painting image 23, a more abstract drawing, by observing the distorted reflections of scissors in large cooking spoons. Image 24 is an expansion of the previous idea, except in a more geometric and angular fashion.

Score (on a 6-point scale)


Rationale for Score

• The concentration topic and work presented are coherently related. Although the theme is evident, the preponderance of work lacks originality and innovative thinking.

• As a whole, the topic is explored through a variety of processes and compositions. The student work demonstrates good technical skills, as seen in images 14, 17 and 22.

•  Student voice is discernible and works have been manipulated to express an exploration of ideas revolving around scissors.

•  The body of work conveys a sense of transformation and growth. The exploration of distorted reflections suggests a more sophisticated approach to the topic in images 23 and 24.

•  The concentration shows a varying range of accomplishment, but overall the work is at a good level.