AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

AP Studio Art Sample Student Portfolios

2014 Student 1, Drawing: Concentration

Concentration Statement

My concentration explores the relationship that houses/buildings have with people. This concentration conveys that houses are much more than merely buildings that we reside in. Without homes and buildings, we would not have much of a chance in the harshness of the wild. On the other hand, houses and buildings are made by the hands of humans, thus, we have a mutual relationship with one another. We both live off of each other.

The pieces in my concentration reflect the central idea in that they depict the relationship between houses/buildings and people. In the first and second pieces, the people and houses abstractly combine, conveying unity and emotional attachment to the home. The third piece depicts a hand holding up a house like a holy item which symbolizes the importance of houses to human beings. The fourth image symbolizes the choices people have when choosing a house to live in. The sixth drawing represents our memories imprinted in our childhood home. The ninth drawing depicts a person infatuated in the thoughts of his home. The eleventh drawing conveys the idea that houses confine people and disables people from going out. My art explores the idea that houses and people have multiple relationships.

Score (on a 6-point scale)


Rationale for Score

  • In this concentration, the student has created a beautiful series of works that expressively and humorously portray human connection to houses. The concept and the work are unmistakably and coherently integrated throughout.
  • The work exhibits a strong sense of confidence and risk taking. In images 9, 10, 11, and 12 the human connection to houses is inextricably combined in the physical and imaginative space demonstrating the culmination of an original vision.
  • Illustrative skill is most evident in images 9 and 12. In image 9 the use of line conveys texture and provides emphasis and contrast. In image 12, the extension of the arm moves convincingly through space. Scale is evident as the houses transition in size.
  • Overall this work is at an excellent level.